Reverse Osteoporosis - Increase Your Bone Density

Not only is it possible to stop the progression of osteoporosis, but you will be able to increase your bone density by following the program outlined in this report.

You should, over time, achieve optimal bone density.

The medicines your doctors suggest don’t work well. Websites promoting one particular supplement are misleading you too -- much more is needed to be done if you want to reverse osteoporosis. Just taking a special calcium supplement or strontium isn't enough.

Almost 20 years ago this report on osteoporosis was first written. We knew of some excellent supplements. We researched what the alternative MD's were using. And developed a comprehensive protocol. It helped plenty of people improve their bone density. But few, if any, completely reversed their osteoporosis. This got us thinking.

We noticed that while these alternative MD's always had plenty of success stories about reversing cancer (by the way, is a 100+ page report about the causes cancer and how to beat it), and many other health issues, there are few if any testimonials about people reversing osteoporosis completely. So what was going on?

These alternative MD's were right on the mark about most of their osteoporosis suggestions. Recommending a slew of supplements, exercise, and diet changes to increase bone density since just one or two products are not going to get the job done. They explained why you should NOT take any of the drugs for osteoporosis. Not only don’t they work, they are actually harmful, with nasty side effects.

There are a few reasons why the protocols recommended by alternative MD's who are doing the right things don’t work as well as they could. And as you will see, there is no question why the prescription drugs don’t work. But what these doctors often fail to understand is the following.

First, many don’t take into account that the magnesium to calcium ratio is out of balance in almost everyone who has osteoporosis. And you’ve got to be working on getting that ratio adjusted right off the bat -- or nothing will help all that much if that balance is off.

Second, they don't do enough to turn on the body's healing process. Osteoporosis is, on the whole, an older person’s disease. It is slow to progress and thus, slow to reverse. As we age our ability to recover from injury of any type, decreases. So it is difficult to reverse osteoporosis because your body is not sending out instructions to rapidly repair the bones.

Third, they don't realize how hard it is to increase bone density if you have candida overgrowth throwing off your hormones, disrupting thyroid production and making your body too acidic.

Finally, they rarely use cellular absorption enhancers to increase the absorption of nutrients into all cells, including your bone cells. Using these will both speed up an increase in bone density, and improve your overall health too.

So let’s get started with a few basics, the issues that lead to osteoporosis. And just so you know you are not alone, here are a few statistics.

The Three Major Issues That Lead To The Development Of Osteoporosis

In general your osteoporosis is most likely caused by a combination three imbalances or problems in your body. You don't have to have all these issues to develop osteoporosis, but if you have all three, you do have osteoporosis or are well on your way to developing it. And they are very common.

By the way, we are not including long time use of drugs like steroids that wipe out bone density. That's an entirely different matter. You've got to get off the drugs or steroids that cause bone loss..

To understand how these issues cause your osteoporosis, you much first understand the process of getting calcium into the bones.

Bones are living tissues that must be constantly rebuilt via a two part process. First, cells called osteoclasts have the job of getting rid of old weakened bone. They reabsorb old bone to make room for the creation of healthy strong bone. If you have too many osteoclasts absorbing your bones, your bone density will decease.

Second, you must have osteoblasts, immature bone cells, to produce a matrix composed of collagen that then becomes mineralized. Think of them as vital for increasing bone density.

Bone mass is maintained by a balance between the activity of osteoblasts that form bone and osteoclasts that break it down.

In osteoporosis the net rate of bone resorption exceeds the rate of bone formation, resulting in a decrease in bone mass. There is more osteoclast activity than osteoblast activity so your bone density decreases and you get osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis Cause #1 -- Low Magnesium / High Calcium Ratio

Calcium and magnesium are the major minerals in your body. And they are intimately related because they need each other to work properly. If your diet has been low in magnesium your whole life, as it typically is when eating a Western diet, then there will be an imbalance of magnesium and calcium in your body which throws things off.

The Calcitonin hormone that inhibits osteoclast production (osteoclasts tell your body to break down your bones - decreasing bone density) relies on magnesium to function properly. When we lack magnesium, osteoclast activity is too high and causes bone loss.

When magnesium levels are adequate, they support the calcitonin hormone that tells your body not to pull calcium from the bones. 

When magnesium levels are too low, you lose bone density and osteoporosis eventually develops because more osteoclasts are being produced then should be.

In The Magnesium Miracle, Dr. Carolyn Dean outlines magnesium’s role in the structure and function of healthy bone:

  • Adequate levels of magnesium are essential for the absorption and metabolism of calcium.
  • Magnesium stimulates a particular hormone, calcitonin, that helps to preserve bone structure and draws calcium out of the blood and soft tissues back into the bones, preventing some forms of arthritis and kidney stones.
  • Magnesium suppresses another bone hormone called parathyroid hormone, preventing it from breaking down bone.
  • Magnesium converts vitamin D into its active form so that it can help calcium absorption.
  • Magnesium is required to activate an enzyme that is necessary to form new bone.
  • Magnesium regulates active calcium transport.

Unfortunately, the Western diet is low in magnesium and high in calcium because Western countries have a high intake of dairy products. The average calcium intake is about 1000 mg. The calcium to magnesium ratios found in milk, yogurt and hard cheeses are 7:1, 11:1, and 26:1 respectively. There will be more on this below.

How to tell if your magnesium levels are low.

Most doctors do not understand the difference between a serum magnesium level blood test and a red blood cell magnesium level test. Magnesium levels of blood serum must be kept within a tight range, or the heart stops.

Therefore serum levels must be maintained at normal levels, at the expense of levels inside cells.

In other words, even if you are very low in magnesium, your blood will almost always test normal because your body pulls magnesium from cells into the blood to maintain normal magnesium blood serum levels. Most labs just test for serum levels, and patients are told their magnesium is normal.

So you need to measure intracellular magnesium levels to determine if you have low magnesium levels. The easiest cell to get at is the red blood cell, so ask your doctor to test your magnesium levels with the red blood cell test.

You can be pretty sure your levels are low if you eat a typical Western diet and have osteoporosis. You will have too much calcium in your diet (and supplements), and not enough magnesium.

I say this is the primary cause because worldwide, Asian and African populations with a low intake (about 300 mg) of calcium daily with higher magnesium intake have very little osteoporosis.

Thus, the low magnesium intake with high calcium intake common to our Western diet is most likely the primary cause of osteoporosis in most people. But these next two issues may each be responsible about 25% of the time for your loss of bone density. Or having these issues accelerates your bone loss.

Osteoporosis Cause #2 -- Female or Male Hormones Are Low

This is the issue that even doctors commonly know about. At least when it comes to estrogen.

In women, osteoclast or bone removal activity increases after menopause because estrogen levels decrease. During the first 5 to 10 years after menopause, women can suffer up to 2%-4% loss of bone density per year, up to 25%-30% of their bone density during that time period.

This is one of the main reasons hormone replacement therapy is given.

Synthetic hormones, which drugs must be, do not work well and are not good for you. Current research clearly demonstrates increased risk of breast and other cancers when using HRT. Bio-identical hormones are safer and work more effectively. And maybe the best way to boost your female hormone production is to get you body to make more on its own. More on this later in this article.

For men, it is low testosterone levels that are the issue. As with estrogen, decreased testosterone levels cause increased osteoclast activity which results in bone loss. As testosterone levels decrease with age, the older a man gets, the more likely he is to develop osteoporosis.

There has been research showing that low levels of testosterone in women is also associated with a decrease in bone density. However, increasing progesterone levels is usually all that is needed to increase testosterone in women as progesterone is converted to testosterone in women, as needed.

Osteoporosis Cause #3 -- Low Thyroid Function

Osteoclasts are activated by the parathyroid hormone which signals osteoclasts to resorb bones. You can turn down their activity though. Calcitonin is the hormone that inhibits the activity of osteoclasts so that they don’t resorb too much of your bones. Calcitonin is primarily made by your thyroid.

Thus, low or poor thyroid function causes not enough calcitonin to be produced, so the osteoclasts are not inhibited to the degree they need to be, resulting in too many of them resorbing too much bone.

By the way, you can read about how high doses of thyroid medicine cause bone loss. It is one of the concerns of taking thyroid medicine. It is somewhat doubtful if the medication is actually the cause. Rather, the people on the highest medication have the poorest thyroid function.

And as the synthetic thyroid medication does not work well, synthetics of any kind can never function correctly, it is reasonable to conclude that the medicines are not able to increase production of calcitonin. The Hormone Transport Elixir will get more calcitonin to your bones. All hormones require hormone transport proteins to carry them to where they need to go. Unfortunately, the genes that control production of these proteins are damaged by toxins produced by chronic infections such as candida overgrowth.

Consequently these genes aren't able to activate production of adequate numbers of hormone transport proteins. This leads to an inability to get hormones into cells, and your health suffers. The Hormone Transport Elixir turns on optimal levels of production for all the hormone transport proteins. This includes all thyroid hormones and both female and male hormones. It also stimulates the repair of hormone transport protein genes so that you will be able to eventually make your own hormone transport proteins. This process takes about 6 months as long as you don’t have too many toxins disrupting the genes.

Systemic Candida Yeast Overgrowth May Cause Bone Loss.

Chronic candida overgrowth causes low female (and male) hormone levels, low adrenals, and thus low thyroid function. In addition, the massive amount of toxins that candida produces damages the genes that control production of the calcitonin transport hormones that are needed to carry the calcitonin to the bones in order to increase bone density.

Because of this, if you have osteoporosis, or if you wish to prevent osteoporosis, it is essential to find out if you have candida overgrowth. It may be the underlying cause of your osteoporosis.

You most likely will NOT be able to improve your bone density, if you do have candida overgrowth.

Click on the link below for a site that tells you about candida yeast overgrowth in detail. It is more than just a vaginal yeast infection. By far.

You'll learn about a free and simple test to do so you can quickly see if you have candida overgrowth or not. And how to deal with this very difficult to deal with health problem.

Go To:

You must get candida under control -- if it is out of control -- to have any hope of increasing your bone density and reversing osteoporosis.

If you find out that you do have candida overgrowth, and you also have osteoporosis, the question arises, what do you do first. Our take is this.

You've got to deal with the candida for sure if your overgrowth is at all extensive. The most fundamental supplement to fight candida while dealing with bone density is Silver GlucoPLus. It kills candida and its spores, and is in an alkaline base so it helps pull acids out of the blood, and reduces the need for the body to use calcium to do the same.

Other Issues That Contribute To The Development Of Osteoporosis

There are other issues that can accelerate or even cause osteoporosis. None are as important as these three we have covered, but for any given person, they could be an underlying cause of a decrease in bone density.

Low Vitamin D levels

There is a huge amount of research over the last few years showing the importance of Vitamin D for a wide range of health issues, including osteoporosis. Research also shows that a very high percentage of Westerners are deficient in Vitamin D. Among its many benefits, it is vital for the absorption of calcium.

Years ago alternative MD's and vitamin D experts were recommending supplementation of 1000 or so units a day. Now almost everyone is recommending 5000 units a day. Vitamin D is inexpensive and vital to your health. Use it everyday. Candida toxins damage vitamin D transport proteins so that the vitamin D you take, or make from sun exposure is not able to be carried into cells to do the job it needs to do. The Vitamin D Activator will significantly improve the ability of vitamin D to improve bone density.

This elixir turns on production of the vitamin D transport proteins required to take vitamin D into cells. Almost everyone is low in these transport proteins as the genes that turn on their production are damaged by candida toxins, and other pathogens or toxins. So even if you have good vitamin D levels, your body is not able to benefit substantially from that D. Increasing the amount of vitamin D transport proteins helps all aspects of health because you can't get vitamin D into cells without adequate vitamin D transport proteins, and vitamin D is essential for most processes in the body. This may help with everything from acne, Alzheimer's and autism to all infections, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, all autoimmune diseases, cancer, candida, diabetes, just about everything you can think of. High blood pressure, joint damage, erectile dysfunction and more. Take 2000 to 6000 IU a day of vitamin D3 when using this elixir. This elixir does not supply vitamin D. It turns on production of the transport proteins needed to carry vitamin D into cells, and it stimulates repair of the genes that are supposed to be doing this.

Low Vitamin K Levels

One of the functions of vitamin K is to tell you body to put calcium into the bones. It also helps keep your arteries clear of calcium buildup. Both vitamin K and vitamin D are fat soluble. It is best to be using both of these when you have low bone density.

Excess Acidity

When your diet contains too many acidic soft drinks and foods like grains, pasta, white bread, meat, with too few fruits and vegetables, your blood starts to becomes acidic.

Since the blood needs to maintain a neutral pH, your body may need to pull calcium from the bones to neutralize the acidity. Get some pH strips from your drug store and check your saliva to see if it is too acidic. Eating more fruits and vegetables is a good way to improve acidity.

Imbalance of DHEA and Cortisol

Cortisol is a stress hormone, produced when there is stress. It will pull calcium from bones. Cortisol and the hormone DHEA balance each other like a teeter totter, if one is high the other is low. So one of the best ways to keep your levels of cortisol low is to make sure you are taking plenty of DHEA so that its levels are high. As with the male and female hormones and thyroid hormones, the Hormone Transport Elixir will help these adrenal hormones work better.

Osteoporosis Is Reversible -- It Is Possible To Increase Bone Density

As you can see, and will learn even more about in this report, osteoporosis has definite causes that can be corrected.

The activity and the amount of bone building osteoblasts can be increased, and the amount of bone dissolving osteoclasts decreased.

One way this happens is to increase your magnesium intake, and reduce calcium intake, so that your body will start putting more calcium into bones.

You can turn on the healing processes in your body to speed up an increase in bone density.

You can increase nutrient absorption of cells so that more calcium and other nutrient get into bone cells.

Osteoporosis is a reversible disease. Even elderly people with very low bone density can increase density and prevent future problems like fractures and skeletal breakdown. Take a look at this email from Tanya whose mother was using our earlier suggestions.

“We are thrilled to let you know some fabulous news.

A little over 15 months ago, I found your site on behalf of my then 74-year-old mother. She has suffered from Atypical Basiliar Migraines and SEVERE Osteoporosis for over 10 years now. After being discharged from the hospital (she has had several visits back to back for years), we decided to take it upon ourselves to have another bone density test done. The readings were horrible. The Osteoporosis Center here in Georgia wanted her to start taking Actonel immediately. I was furious. I knew there had to be a better way. My heavens, you certainly proved that to be true! We are so thankful to have found you! ...

She has consistently taken these supplements. She has NOT exercised nor taken any other supplements. We went in for her 18-month check-up and walked out leaving the nurse in shock! My mother's bone density had grown 3.5% in one year! They have never seen such aggressive results. Thank you, Robert.”

Tanya J.

Commercial Medications May Be Harmful

There is common agreement among alternative health MD's . All of them say to stay away from the osteoporosis drugs. If you are still considering taking them after reading the brief explanations below, do some extensive research online.

There are two types of osteoporosis drugs. The majority are Biphosphonate drugs, like Fosamax, Actonel and Boniva. These work by completely stopping the production of osteoclasts which are supposed to resorb old, infirm bone. Too much osteoclast activity causes a decrease in bone density. But the right amount is needed to keep your bones healthy.

When you take these biphosphonate drugs that shut off osteoclast production entirely, your bones may stay denser, but they will be composed of a higher amount of old, poor quality bone cells which makes them, over time, brittle and weak. You must have balanced bone resorption and creation.

These drugs create weak bones. The proof is in the pudding. Google fosamax problems and read about dead jaw bones and thigh bones that crumble to bits. I

n 2008, a report was issued that studied the long-term use of Fosamax and unusual fractures of the femur. Ten out of the 15 women studied had atypical fractures of the femur – the long bone in the thigh – from doing nothing more than “low energy activities” such as walking up stairs. They had been taking Fosamax for an average of 7.3 years. The findings were published in the March 2008 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.

Remarkably, on March 10, 2010 the FDA issued a statement about these atypical femur fractures associated with Fosamax and other oral bisphosphonates.

The agency said that the review of the data did not show an increased risk for women using the medications. I don’t know how 10 fractures out of 15 women is not an increased risk, but I guess its not when highly profitable drugs are on the line.

There has been a remarkable lack of success with these biphosphonate drugs. They do a poor job of increasing bone density. So a drug Forteo was developed that worked not by turning off the creation of osteoclasts so that bone cells weren’t resorbed into the body, but worked by increasing the activity of the osteoblasts to lay down more bone.

Sounds good, doesn’t it. Assuming you can live with all the side effects that come with using it. And wanted to give yourself a daily injection.

Well there was one major problem. In the animal studies with rats used to prove its safety, it was found to cause an increase in the risk of an aggressive bone cancer. So much so that the animal studies were stopped after two years when these cancers started to develop.

So the FDA limited its use in humans to 2 years or less. Research shows that in these two years there can significant increases in bone density, but that once these injections are stopped, the research is clear that these gains are lost. And for all anyone knows, you may have set yourself up for developing bone cancer down the road.

Drugs that can cause osteoporosis

There are other prescription drugs that block the absorption of calcium into bones. Prednisone and other steroids do this. They are commonly used to treat autoimmune, asthma, and inflammatory diseases. If you have an autoimmune disease and are on a steroid, read some of the other reports on this website to see what would be better to use.

The anti-coagulant Warfarin, also known as Coumadin, works by inhibiting vitamin K production. It is often prescribed for reducing high blood pressure, to keep blood flowing where there is calcification of the arteries.

One role of vitamin K is to take calcium in the blood and to direct it to the bone. When vitamin K production is turned off, the calcium is more likely to stay in the arteries and not get to your bones. Not only can this lead to calcification of your arteries, but it causes a decrease in bone density.

A 2006 retrospective study of 14,564 Medicare recipients showed that warfarin use for more than one year was linked with a 60% increased risk of osteoporosis-related fracture in men; there was no association in women. So for some reason this may be more common in men.

Check Blood Calcium Levels Along with Red Blood Cell Magnesium Levels

There is another issue you should check the next time you go to your doctor. About 1 in 50,000 people have a problem with their parathyroid gland. When it malfunctions, it forms a small tumor that constantly signals the body to pull calcium from the bones. It increases osteoclast production.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to determine whether you have this issue or not. Get your blood calcium levels checked. If they are high, a parathyroid tumor is the probable cause of your osteoporosis.

You may decide to have an operation to get rid of this malfunctioning gland.

First though, try a supplement that can digest the tumor over a period of about 4 months.

You would need to take 2 or more containers of PapayaPro per month for about 4 months. It contains mature green papaya powder supplying an enzyme which, when taken on an empty stomach, goes into your body and dissolves tumorous tissue, wherever it happens to be.

It can digest the parathyroid tumor or even an ovarian cyst.

Basic Life Style Changes To Help Prevent Osteoporosis

These are not going to reverse any osteoporosis, but they can help prevent it, and may slow down its progression.

1. Stop drinking soft drinks.

Soft drinks are high in phosphoric acid and sugar, making these drinks highly acidic. Calcium is the main mineral the body uses to neutralize that acid.

So drinking soft drinks and eating an acidic diet high in meat and grains requires the use of blood calcium to neutralize the acids. Calcium used for this is pulled out of the body with the acid it neutralizes. This lowers blood calcium levels. If the levels get too low, the parathyroid gland restores calcium balance in the blood by pulling calcium from your bones.

Soft drinks aren't the only culprits, either. A diet high in meat and carbohydrates, with few greens or fruits will be highly acidic also, causing the body to utilize calcium to neutralize the acids.

Most grains are acid-forming, except millet and buckwheat, which are slightly alkaline. Sprouted seeds and grains become more alkaline in the process of sprouting.

Vegetable and fruit juices are highly alkaline. The most alkaline producing foods are: figs, juices of all green vegetables and tops of carrots and beets, celery, pineapple and citrus juices. Vegetable broth.

2. Reduce consumption of dairy products. (Or increase magnesium intake.)

For over 50 years milk was pitched as a wonder food whose calcium was the only protection we needed against weak bones. Yet Americans, with one of the world’s high calcium intakes, have one of the highest rates of osteoporosis in the world.

African women in the United States eat at least four times more calcium than African women in Africa, and have nine times more osteoporosis.

Asian women in the United States eat at least 60% more calcium than Asian women in Asia, and have three times more osteoporosis.

As Western diets became more widespread, calcium consumption in Hong Kong and Greece doubled in the last 30 years, and the rate of osteoporosis tripled in Hong Kong, and more than doubled in Greece.

Post-menopausal women in America who consume calcium rich dairy products have over three times more osteoporosis than those who do not.

The Harvard Nurses Study, and a similar study done by the dairy industry found that the more dairy products we consume, the more bone we lose.

Another study concluded that women who drank two or more glasses of milk per day increased their risk of fractures compared with women who drank less than one glass per week, and that consumption of yogurt, cheese and other dairy products also increased the risk of fractures.

This is because dairy products have about many times more calcium than magnesium.

3. Increase Magnesium Intake

As we have said several times, the Western diet is low in magnesium and high in calcium. This results in an imbalance of magnesium and calcium in your body that for most people is the single most important cause of bone loss.

Remember, magnesium suppresses parathyroid osteoclast production, and stimulates calcitonin which reduces osteoclast activity -- so magnesium works to keep calcium in our bones.

Magnesium deficiency will prevent this chemical action from taking place, and no amount of calcium can correct it. In other words, no matter what the osteoporosis websites say about their highly absorbed calcium preventing osteoporosis, it just isn’t so. For this reason.

Magnesium is necessary for calcium absorption. On the other hand, too much calcium prevents magnesium from being absorbed. So taking large amounts of calcium without adequate magnesium creates calcium malabsorption and a magnesium deficiency.

Only magnesium can break the cycle. Only it, when taken in proper doses, can get calcium into the bones. Low magnesium intake causes the calcium you get in your diet or take as a supplement to be unusable. It must have magnesium to get into your bones. Low magnesium intake causes calcium to be deposited in arteries, joints, and leads to bone spurs or kidney stones.

Rates of osteoporosis are lowest in cultures where the ratio of calcium to magnesium is between 2 parts calcium to 3 parts magnesium, down to as much as 3 parts calcium to 2 parts magnesium. The ratio of calcium to magnesium in dairy products is 10:1, way too high.

In nations with high rates of osteoporosis, the ratio of total calcium to magnesium intake is at least 2:1, usually over 3:1. For example…

o South Africa has a ratio of 2 parts calcium to 3 parts magnesium, and has an osteoporosis rate of 7.

o In the USA, the ratio is 4 parts calcium to 1 part magnesium and the osteoporosis rate is 144.

o In dairy-loving Switzerland, the ratio is 5.5 calcium to 1 magnesium and the rate is 188.

We can’t say this enough. Lack of magnesium causes calcium to be pulled from the bones. This calcium, and the calcium from supplements and your diet, is when there is magnesium deficiency, all too often deposited in soft tissue, where it can cause arthritis and arteriosclerosis.

Some health professionals who have dealt with magnesium levels for years say that the fastest way to reverse this process is to take an absorbable magnesium supplement for three to four months with no dairy, and no addition calcium from supplements or calcium fortified foods.

Greens and vegetables that provide calcium are fine to consume. This regime will most quickly adjust your calcium / magnesium levels. It will also most rapidly pull out unwanted calcium deposits from arteries and joints, and help to put it back in your bones where it belongs.

Taking More Magnesium Improves Calcium Absorption

Contrary to what you might expect, research shows that consuming magnesium may actually increase usable calcium levels in your body. In experiments reported in "International Clinical Nutrition Review," volunteers on a low-magnesium diet were given both calcium and vitamin D supplements. All of them were low in magnesium.

What is interesting is this. Even though they had been given calcium supplements, all but one became deficient in calcium. And when they were given calcium intravenously, the level of calcium in their blood rose, but only for the duration of the intravenous feeding. As soon as the intravenous calcium was stopped, the levels of calcium in the blood dropped.

However, when magnesium was given, their magnesium levels rose and stabilized rapidly, and calcium levels also rose within a few days - although no additional calcium had been taken.

This is because you must have adequate magnesium to utilize calcium. When magnesium levels are low, you won't be able to utilize the calcium you consume.

So if your intake of calcium is too high compared to the amount of magnesium you consume, as is typical with a Western diet, you will end up with both low magnesium levels in your body reducing production of calcitonin among other things, and result in low levels of usable calcium because calcium must have magnesium to work.

A magnesium-rich diet consists of nuts, whole grains, not refined as you loose the magnesium in the refining, such as brown rice, whole wheat, and rye, and legumes including lentils, split peas, and a varieties of beans.

A whole grain cereal or bread in the morning, a cup of bean soup at lunch, a snack of a few nuts, and serving of brown rice, millet, or buckwheat with dinner should help increase magnesium when a deficiency is suspected. This won’t be enough to reverse osteoporosis, but it is a step in the right direction, and is a preventative.

On the average, a vegan diet (no meat or milk) provides about 500 mg. per day of both calcium and magnesium. Studies show that vegans have stronger bones then meat and milk product eaters, especially after the age of 50.

Studies also show that magnesium supplements, even when used without calcium, increase bone density. In two such studies, bone density was increased, within nine months, by 7% and 8%. Another study, by renowned gynecologist Guy Abraham, provided a supplement that included 500 mg. per day of calcium, and 600 mg. of magnesium. Women using this supplement increased bone mass by over 11% within nine months.

Dr. Abraham has found strong evidence to suggest that women with osteoporosis have a deficiency of a chemical that is made when they take twice as much magnesium as calcium. And he has found that, as you might now suspect, when calcium intake is decreased, the calcium in your body is utilized better than when intake is high.

Click Here to read a report giving more details on the relationship of magnesium and calcium in your body.

Absorbable Calcium Alone Will Not Reverse Osteoporosis

If you’ve been researching osteoporosis online, you’ll have come across many companies and websites that claim their one calcium product can take care of osteoporosis or increase bone density on its own. As you have read in this report, this is virtually impossible to happen if your magnesium levels are low.

Even if a supplement contains good amounts of magnesium also, you still need to be dealing with hormones and perhaps even poor a low thyroid.

Doctors who tell you to take Fosamax and 1500 mg of calcium a day are clueless about the consequences of taking a lot of calcium with little to no magnesium.

In this report we recommend the most effective supplements we can find. The calcium - magnesium supplement we recommend is as good as any out there, and certainly better than most. But even so, it is not enough to only use it if you are trying to reverse osteoporosis.

And certainly just taking any old calcium supplement without improving your magnesium levels will not work.

Using a variety of supplements or elixirs that correct the various causes of osteoporosis is the only way to reverse or prevent osteoporosis and increase bone density.

4. Reduce stress

Cortisol is a hormone produced when your body is under stress. Excess cortisol causes calcium to be pulled from the bones. In this day and age, it isn’t easy to reduce stress, so excess cortisol may also pull calcium from your bones.

5. Get More Sun - Increase Vitamin D Intake - And Take Vitamin D Activator

Increasing levels of vitamin D in your body can be as simple as getting a lot more sun, if you live in the south. However, to be on the safe side, as it is indeed inexpensive, supplementing with vitamin D is a must.

There have been studies where about 30% of the research group tested as having low levels of vitamin D even though they lived in the south, and were out in the sun at least 2 hours a day without sunscreen. Add in Vitamin D Activator to turn on production of vitamin D transport proteins to get that vitamin D were it needs to go.

6. Eat Greens - Increase Vitamin K Intake

Not only are leafy greens a source of magnesium and calcium, but they also supply vitamin K. Eat more of them. When you are trying to greatly increase bone density, adding vitamin K as a supplement makes sense.

Vitamin K2 is the best form to use, but Vitamin K1 is much less expensive and your body makes K2 from it, so just take a bit extra K1 and you’ll save some money.

7. Do Weight Bearing Exercises

Weight-bearing exercise, whether it is walking, doing squats or push-ups, or working out with weights, will help to increase the density of the bones. And gives you lots of other health benefits too.

The long term results makes exercise well worth doing. Studies even show it increases mental ability and function.

A Supplement Protocol To Improve Bone Density & Reverse Osteoporosis

Increasing bone density is not a fast process. Osteoporosis takes a long time to develop. It will take a long time to reverse. It is not easy to reverse as its causes are varied and complex.

Most health providers do not deal with the underlying causes of it. They go about trying to deal with it in a manner that doesn’t work. It is not your fault if you have osteoporosis. There just has not been much good advice to follow.

To effectively increase bone density, you need to use a comprehensive program that covers all the major issues that may have caused your osteoporosis in the first place. It won't be fast.

Improvement in a year is fast. Two years is more likely to see improvement, and it may take several more years to reverse osteoporosis completely, depending on what you do and how bad it is.

Besides correcting the causes that decrease bone density, you can speed up the process of improving your bone density by improving two things.

1. Improve overall absorption of nutrients into your cells. As we age our cells become toxic and do not uptake nutrients efficiently. This leads to cancer. Our recommendations for increasing bone density will also help prevent cancer because they will detoxify your cells and increase nutrient uptake into them.

2. Turn on the repair process in your body. You can start giving your body the nutrients it needs, yet little happens because an aging body does not have enough growth hormone and other factors to repair itself. The healing process does not turn itself on easily and does not work rapidly when we age.

A comprehensive osteoporosis reversal program will address these two issues in addition to correcting the underlying causes of your decrease in bone density.

So let's take a look at a complete and effective osteoporosis fighting regime.

What sets this program apart from other programs you may read about are unique and effective supplements that address all the major causes of osteoporosis, the many ways included in the full protocol to enhance the production and activity of bone building osteoblasts by turning on the repair process in your body, and the increase in nutrient absorption OCMP provides.

You'll need to be using magnesium without any calcium or dairy for four months to most rapidly change your magnesium/calcium ratios.

Take a combination of calcium and magnesium from then on.

I've divided up these recommendations into two stages. The magnesium only stage which lasts four months, and then the more typical, calcium/magnesium stage that you will be on for the remainder of the time till your bone density is normal.

Of course, at that point, while you could stop many of the supplements, you would still need to be supplementing with calcium and magnesium.

A Two Stage Osteoporosis Protocol

The first stage lasts the first 4 months where magnesium, but no calcium, is taken - along with supplements that deal with other issues discussed in this report. The rest of the time you take both calcium and magnesium in the right ratio.

Because your magnesium / calcium ratio will improve more quickly, your bone density will increase fastest if you don’t take any calcium supplements at all during the first 4 months. You also need to reduce your dairy consumption to no more than one serving per day.

Researchers that have been specializing in magnesium supplementation for decades found out years ago that if you do not stop all calcium supplementation for 3 to 4 months while taking magnesium, then the magnesium levels in your body do not adjust nearly as fast as they would otherwise.

Increasing magnesium levels rapidly will more quickly reduce production of osteoclasts that dissolve bone.

You can certainly adjust the magnesium / calcium ratio in your body gradually by just taking more magnesium than calcium. It will, however, take longer to adjust those ratios, and will not do as good a job of cleaning calcium deposits from arteries and joints, as does completely stopping calcium intake.

So for best results, do not take any calcium supplements (a small amount around 50 mg. in a multi-vitamin is okay), eat calcium fortified food, or consume dairy for the first four months.

Taking magnesium without calcium in this way provide additional benefits to your overall health. Here's how.

Because magnesium needs to bind with calcium, for both to work properly, when you are not consuming large amounts of calcium in your diet or supplements, but you are consuming a lot of magnesium, that magnesium will pull free calcium from wherever excess calcium has been deposited in your body.

This will be calcium in your arteries, your joints, kidney stones, etc. It will not be pulling calcium from your bones as magnesium consumption signals your body to put calcium into your bones. It grabs hold of free calcium. This gives your bones a source of calcium. In addition you will still be getting calcium from greens and other non dairy food sources. And the higher magnesium levels will improve absorption of calcium.

NOTE: If you have already been taking high dose magnesium with much lower dose calcium for eight months to longer, you can skip the Stage 1 magnesium only step, and go right on to Stage 2 where you use both calcium and magnesium.


We have spent years researching the best supplements for increasing bone density.

Our suggestions as to what the most important supplements are changes as we find new ones -- and as our understanding of the fundamental causes of osteoporosis improves. This is based on the feedback we get from users of the supplement protocols we suggest.

Our goal is to be able to get everyone improving bone density and over time, reversing their osteoporosis.

Fundamentals First

The recommendations below will first focus on the three main basics that deal with the fundamental causes of osteoporosis. These are:

1. Too much calcium intake, too low magnesium intake.

2. Female or male hormones being low or out of balance.

3. Low, poorly functioning thyroid

(Remember to check and see if you have candida overgrowth by doing the free and easy to do at home "spit" test described at

Because of its ability to kill Candida and its spores, to neutralize acids, and to stimulate repair and regeneration, the absolutely most important supplement to use is Alka Super C.

Work up to using2 bottles a month of Alka Super C for six months and a bottle a month after that.

In Alka Super C, a 16 ounce liquid, a very small amount of vitamin C is bonded to specially processed OH water molecules. This combination enables Alka Super C to release massive amounts of electrons into cells. This significantly boosts the health of cells as it increases their voltage and gives them more energy. Because of this, it works great for stimulating repair and regeneration of your bones, organs and cells.

In addition, the electrons zap and eliminate pathogens and toxins. This includes candida, mold, candida spores and mold spores. It will help repair the walls of the blood vessels, increasing arterial flexibility and reducing inflammation. Ordinary vitamin C supplements do not work in the same way that this does. This works in almost the exact opposite way. So the vitamin C supplement you may be taking do not substitute for this. Only the name is similar….

The Basic Bone Density Stage 1 Protocol

As magnesium is the most important component of Stage 1, let’s start with our recommended magnesium supplement. There are a few absorbable magnesium supplements that we could have suggested, and have done so in the past.

We selected OCMP as the best magnesium supplement to use because it does so much more than just supplying magnesium. It is one of the best long term use supplements you can take for keeping yourself healthy, detoxified, and even cancer free.

For the first four months use 2 bottles a month of….


OCMP stands for Optimize Cellular Membrane Potential as the combination of nutrients in it optimizes the ionic charge on the cell walls. This improves cellular chemistry and increases overall cell efficiency.

OCMP enables more toxins to be eliminated from cells, and increases the uptake into cells of oxygen and other nutrients.

One of the key reasons it is a better magnesium supplement to use is that optimization of the ionic charge on cell walls will enable more calcium and other needed minerals to get into bone cells. Speeding up the increase in bone density.

Even better, it prevents toxins and pathogens from entering cells while at the same time helping eliminate toxins from cells. Plus it enhances the repair and recovery of all your cells by increasing the amount of nutrients that can easily enter them.

Here's how it works.

The key factors that determine how well your cell walls or membranes function are positive and negative ion concentrations. You need to have a specific ionic charge inside the cell and a different charge outside the cell membrane so that your membrane will efficiently transfer nutrients into cells and allow toxins to leave the cells.

Optimal ionic charges inside and outside the cell wall keeps cell membranes strong. It enables them to reject toxins while improving absorption of nutrients into the cell. This action is fundamental for determining how well our cells and nerves function -- and how healthy your body is. It is also fundamental to the optimal functioning of your bone cells.

The key ions involved are found in abundance in almost every diet, but are often severely imbalanced at a cellular level. Increasing their intake does not automatically improve the function of the cellular membrane. In many cases, that function can get worse when these minerals are taken because the ionic charges become more out of balance.

OCMP is a proprietary formulation, doctor designed, that provides therapeutic levels of all ionic gatekeeper nutrients - in the right ratios.

Among these, high levels of bioavailable magnesium is key - while zinc, chromium, manganese, lithium and germanium also contribute. These elements help spark the production and release of the calcium and chloride ions that are essential to optimizing the ionic charge on your cellular membranes.

Almost as important, OCMP also enhances the methylation capacity of cells. Methylation is an important part of cellular regulation. Estimates are that the body performs this indispensable methylation process billions of times each second just to maintain life. Methylation is the attachment of a methyl group (CH3) to a biomolecule like a hormone or neurotransmitter to make them work properly.

Optimizing this methylation process can help offset the decline in physical and mental capacities that typically accompany aging. It is vital for life, for the proper functioning of your cells.

In addition, OCMP will improve mood elevation, enhance cellular detoxification, and help protect the cells and brain from mercury and other neurotoxins. It even augments the body's natural pain-relief and stress recovery processes.

All these benefits make OMCP one of the most important supplements you can use. It is a top cellular detoxifier, blood sugar regulator, and nutrient uptake enhancer. As a consequence, it is our suggestion for use as the best magnesium supplement you can use. It does so much more than just supply magnesium. It will help improve your health in many ways.

The next basic issue that needs to be addressed in optimizing your female hormones. The safest and best way to do so is to turn on hormone production in your body. (Even if you have had a hysterectomy, you can do this as other organs in your body can produce hormones if they need to.)

Use 1 Bottle a month of….

FemBalance (for females)

FemBalance frequency enhanced water elixir that signals your body to balance and optimize female hormone production. Increasing production of hormones that are too low while decreasing production of hormones are too high.

Proprietary technology is used to make FemBalance that enables instructions to your cells to be stored in the water as specific vibrational frequencies.

The water in your body picks up these instructional frequencies when small amounts of the water are held in the mouth for a minute before swallowing. This action is similar -- though much more powerful -- to the action of homeopathy which for the past 200+ years has used energies stored in water to stimulate action in the body.

The technologies used to make FemBalance and our other elixirs are much stronger because they enable specific instructions to be given to your body. Homeopathy just stimulates a response from the body.

Previously, in this report we had recommended using Custom Elixir FHB to balance the female hormones. There was plenty of good feedback from users. However, for optimal benefit, 4 to 6 bottles a month would have been required. FemBalance is made with new technology that is much stronger than the technology used to make Custom Elixir FHB.

Using one bottle of FemBalance per month is as powerful as using 6 bottles of Custom Elixir FHB per month. Thus the change.

Using a bottle a month, it typically takes about four months to normalize production and levels of the various female hormones. It will even increase testosterone levels to what would be optimal levels in a female.

FemBalance is very good to be using even f you are using bio-identical hormones. Taking hormones gets your body to be lazy and not make its own hormones.

This is not what you want to happen.

FemBalance is telling your body to make more hormones. To determine which hormones are low and increase production of them. It will be that as you ramp up your hormonal production with FemBalance, that you will need to start reducing dosages of any hormones you are taking. Get tested every couple of months to see what of the bio-identical hormones, or hormone drugs can be reduced. The goal is to get off them entirely at some point.

FemBalance should be used at least until bone density is normalized. You may decide to continue using FemBalance on an ongoing basis as an anti-aging measure, and to prevent your bone density from decreasing again.

Men should use a bottle a month of….


Testogen is a supercharged version of Custom Elixir T made with the same technology that makes FemBalance. It is equivalent to using 6 bottles a month of Custom Elixir T. There are more energies in it, and a more powerful technology was used to concentrate these energies in Testogen. The energies instruct your body to greatly increase -- to the highest optimal levels -- your testosterone. As men also need beta estrogen produced by the adrenals, Testogen contains instructions to optimize beta estrogen levels too.

Testogen is by far the best testosterone supplement there is. It literally tells your body to produce more testosterone, up to the highest optimal levels possible. This provides maximum natural enhancement of sex drive and performance. And of course, if low testosterone levels are driving your bone loss, Testogen will be vital in stopping this and reversing osteoporosis.

As with FemBalance, use 1 bottle a month of Testogen for at least as long as your bone density is low. For optimal aging, continue taking Testogen on an ongoing basis.

The final basic issue that must be addressed in many cases of osteoporosis is that of a low or poorly functioning thyroid not producing enough of the enzyme that reduces osteoclast production. Osteoclasts pull calcium from the bone, and if your thyroid is low, you will have too many osteoclasts depleting your bones of calcium.

Use one bottle a month of….


Tyovu is a frequency enhanced elixir supplying water that has been imprinted with energies that tell your body to optimize thyroid and adrenal function. The advanced technology used to make Tyovu is able to concentrate this information in the water to such as extent that your thyroid and adrenal function will improve greatly within a few months.

Besides controlling production of the enzyme that reduces osteoclast activity, the thyroid gland controls metabolism, makes proteins, and controls how the body responds to other hormones. Energies to also boost adrenal function are also included because the adrenal glands effect thyroid function.

When candida overgrowth wipes out your adrenals, as it always will do, the result is that you end up with a poorly functioning, low thyroid too which would be, if your thyroid is low, one of the underlying causes of osteoporosis.

Tyovu works on both of these glands, as both need to be improved together.

You may be wondering if you can use Tyovu if you are on thyroid medicine. You can. It is telling your body to optimize thyroid production. Thyroid medicine, especially the synthetic drugs like Synthroid, never get the job done right. Thus, you still lose bone density when on the medicines. As your thyroid product improves gradually when taking Tyovu, all you need to do is get tested every couple of months to see if your thyroid medicine can be reduced. (Or if you notice that you are getting hot and hyper, signs that you have too much of the thyroid hormones, you can start reducing dosage on your own.)

Secondly, Tyovu is not going to be overstimulating your adrenals or thyroid if they are normal. In fact, they will calm down a hyper thyroid condition. So you don't need to get tested to use Tyovu. It will optimize the function of the adrenals and the thyroid. In this day and age, given all the stress there is, there are few if any people whose adrenals and thyroid could stand being optimized. Use a bottle a month for as long as your bone density is low.


OCMP, FemBalance and Tyovu form the basic triad you will use to reverse osteoporosis as they deal with three of the major issues that caused you to lose bone density. In additional your health will improve overall as they all improve your health in many ways.

The supplier who has all three of these supplements, has made a combo with them to reduce the cost.

However, more recent Hormone Transport Elixir and Vitamin D Activator are also extremely important to be using. Along with vitamins D and K, these two elixirs should be included in your protocol if at all possible. These have not been updated in the combos offered.

We also recommend taking two inexpensive supplements that last for months so they cannot be part of any combo. They are….

Vitamin D Mulsion Forte

Adequate levels of vitamin D are important in the prevention and reversal of cancer, osteoporosis and a host of other illnesses. Including the common cold. Over the last few years, the opinion of vitamin D researchers is that the recommended daily allowance for vitamin D is way too low. Dr. Cees Vermeer found that women who lose abnormally high amounts of calcium through their urine could cut the loss by up to 50 percent when they took high levels of vitamin D. The amount they took was much higher than the normal suggestion of 400 IU a day.

Dr. Robert Rowen, MD and many other alternative MD's now recommend vitamin D supplementation of 5,000 units daily. Even if you get out in the sun in the South, without sunscreen, you may not be getting enough of it. One study showed that 30% of the people in a study, in Hawaii, were vitamin D deficient, even though they were out in the sun 2 hours daily with no sunscreen. Vitamin D is a very important nutrient, the lack of which is connected up to numerous health conditions, from cancer to MS to osteoporosis. It makes sense to add it on to your daily regimen.

Vitamin D Mulsion Forte comes in a 1 ounce bottle, is in a sesame oil base for better absorption, and provides 2000 units per drop. There are over 900 drops in the bottle, making it just about the least expensive supplement you can take to fight osteoporosis. Using 3 drops

Vitamin K Emulsified

Studies show vitamin K is also important in treating osteoporosis. It inhibits the loss of calcium from bones, and is needed to get calcium into bones. One study demonstrated a reduction in calcium loss by up to 50% in osteoporotic individuals when given vitamin K.

The short reason it works is this. Osteocalcin is a protein that binds to calcium and builds bones. It is vitamin K dependent. Lack of vitamin K leads to not enough osteocalcin being utilized - it remains free - so not enough calcium will get into your bones.

Astronauts suffer from osteoporosis, being in a weightless environment. In one study done on Russian cosmonauts, levels of free osteocalcin skyrocketed within 4 days. This means it was not being utilized. When one astronaut was given vitamin K during part of his mission, his levels returned to normal. When he stopped taking it, the high levels returned.

Vitamin K regulates calcium and keeps it in the bones and out of arteries -- preventing strokes, heart attacks and osteoporosis at the same time.

Vitamin K works through an amino acid called GLA. GLA is part of a protein that controls calcium. Researchers believe there are at least one hundred of these calcium controlling proteins scattered throughout the body. Vitamin K is the only vitamin that makes these proteins work. They do this by a process of carboxylation which gives the proteins claws so they can hold onto calcium. Once the protein grabs onto calcium -- it can be moved and utilized by the bones. Proteins that don't get enough vitamin K can't hold on to calcium. Without a functioning protein to control it, calcium drifts out of bone and into arteries and other soft tissue. Vitamin K redirects the "lost" calcium back to the bone bank.

Vitamin K is a liquid emulsified K which makes it well absorbed and easy to take. One drop provides 500 mcg. Five drops daily is enough. There are about 600 drops in a bottle so it is very affordable. This is a K1 supplement which converts to K2 in the body. K2 supplements are much more expensive. Just take a bit higher dose of K1, as recommended here, and you will have plenty of K2 in your body. Vitamin K supplementation is generally contraindicated in patients who are taking coumadin/warfarin. Pregnant women should avoid supplementation with vitamin K in doses exceeding 65 mcg unless directed by a doctor.

These are the most important products to be using for Stage 1 which emphasizes using magnesium only for the first 4 months.

They deal with the fundamental issues that must be addressed in order to increase bone density.

There are a number of other elixirs that can increase the rate at which your bone density improves. They do so either by turning on the repair process in your body, or by improving the absorption of nutrients into your bones -- along with the rest of your body. If you would like to increase your bone density as rapidly as possible, these would be the most important additional supplements to be using.

In addition to the OCMP, FemBalance or Testogen, and Tyovu, they would comprise the Full Stage 1 Bone Density Protocol.

2 bottles per month CSE

The fundamental set of instructions CSE has interacts with the water in the body, causing a reduction in the size of the clusters of the water. This reduction in size has several benefits for overall health and for fighting cancer. Circulation would improve slightly and fluids can travel further along tiny capillaries. Even the lymph system should flow a little better. 

Use 2 bottles a month until bone density is normalized. Then 1 bottle a month can be used long term for prevention.

The next three elixirs all work to turn on the repair process in slightly different ways.

2 bottles Regeneration Elixir

Regeneration Elixir is a frequency enhanced water that delivers energetic vibrational messages to your body that work at the physical level to stimulate regeneration of the body, while also dealing with the mental and emotional patterns that create ill-health. Regeneration Elixir may also help dissolve destructive mental and emotional patterns, resulting in vibrant health.

Similar to the way a homeopathic formula works, when you take Regeneration Elixir, it transfers its unique frequencies to your body, or specifically to the cells in your body as your cells communicate electrically. It is valuable for conditions such as osteoporosis or sickle cell anemia because it is telling those cells to regenerate.

It is basically instructing the bone cells or the sickle cells to repair themselves. This speeds up the increase of bone density, rejuvenating at the cellular level for both organ systems and the immune system.

Ingredients: Frequency enhanced spring water, organic essential oils of orange and rosemary.

Custom Elixir SIBD

SIBD tells your body to Significantly Increase Bone Density. Fast. The energies or vibrational frequencies in it signal your body to increase production of bone building osteoblasts. Because this is an energetic message naturally turning on the production of osteoblasts, it is completely safe - unlike the drug that overstimulates osteoblast production leading to bone sarcomas.


YouthVital is a frequency enhanced water elixir with energies that instruct your body to increase growth hormone levels. These energies are stabilized and concentrated using our proprietary technology.

The great advantage of using YouthVital! to increase growth hormones (hgh) is that your body does not become dependent on external hormone supplementation. So it happens naturally, without using actual hormones with which you can overdose.

As you increase growth hormone levels, your body will be better able to repair damage. Growth hormones turn on the repair process, revitalize body systems, improve oxygen transfer and more. If your levels are low, and they decrease the older you get, it becomes more difficult to heal wounds or broken bones. Or increase bone density.

The pituitary gland produces plenty of human growth hormone -- even as we age. However, as we age, the pituitary gland doesn't release as much growth hormone as it once did. By age 60, we have about 80% LESS growth hormones then we had at age 25.

YouthVital! provides the best and safest way we have yet seen to increase these levels of the human growth hormone. It instructs the pituitary gland to release that growth hormone. And it does better than any other supplement on the market. It can be combined with other supplements if you like.

Because osteoporosis is an older person's disease usually -- one reason why it is so difficult to increase bone density is that you have low growth hormone levels. YouthVital! will help to reverse this and enable your body to use the nutrients you are supplying to better repair yourself.


Stage 2 of the Increasing Bone Density Protocol

This stage starts after you have used the magnesium, no calcium, Stage 1 for the first 4 months. (Remember, you will be pulling calcium that is stuck in places where you don't want it when you use magnesium without calcium. And by increasing your levels of magnesium, your body will be putting more of that calcium into your bones.) This is a vital first step that almost everyone misses.

Stage 2 contains all of the products found in Stage 1 that stimulate and instruct your body to increase bone density.

What changes is that we drop 1 bottle of the OCMP and add on 1 bottle per month of MineralMatrix8, a high quality calcium and magnesium supplement. Everything else remains the same.


MineralMatrix8 gets more calcium into your cells because most of it’s calcium comes from fossilized red algae, called Aquamin. It comes from large red algae growing in bays off the coast of Iceland and Ireland. At the bottom of these bays are calcium and magnesium deposits of the mineral structure that is left when the algae decomposes.

So it is just like eating plants to get your calcium/magnesium. The perfect source. As it is plant based and the calcium has been transformed by the plant into a form that our cells can best absorb.

MineralMatrix8 is a unique and vital dietary supplement to nutritionally support bone density, flexibility and resilience. It engages eight essential natural recovery mechanisms combining patented proven ingredients that work to increase bone density.

The physiological mechanisms engaged by MineralMatrix8 include:

1. Removes "calcium-blockers"; barriers to calcium and essential mineral absorption (includes ammonia, urea and other toxins).

2. Instructs the body to maintain, NOT lose, bone density. Inhibits osteoclasts which break bone down.

3. Provides body friendly forms of calcium, silica and magnesium. The big 3 in bone health.

4. Provides the full spectrum of auxiliary trace minerals that are required for healthy bone and collagen growth.

5. Provide the vitamins that are required for healthy bone and collagen growth.

6. Improves mineral and protein absorption by modulating pH levels and assisting beneficial bacteria growth.

7. Enhance mineral dispersion using natural carrier agents (micro-porous silica).

8. Opens and clears mineral delivery pathways using full spectrum free radical scavengers.

The 8 Bone Density Enhancing Ingredients in MineralMatrix8:

1. ClearEarth helps remove heavy metals that interfere with the absorption and use of calcium, zinc, magnesium and other essential minerals. It also has high natural silica (99.9%) and trace mineral content which is supportive of ligament, bone (collagen) and hair growth. Silica is important to the cross linking of bone collagen. MineralMatrix8 provides 1,600 mg of organic silica in your daily serving.

2. Patented natural ingredient OsteoGene has a demonstrated ability to turn off the body's bone loss cycle. This is a proprietary extract from the hops plant that supports bone strength by inhibiting the activity of osteoclastic cells that otherwise break down bone. It is also anti-inflammation.

3. Aquamin predigested calcium extracted from organic algae. It also contains high levels of natural magnesium, plus more than 70 trace minerals, and phytonutrients all predigested by a unique marine algae. It is a remarkable whole-food, calcium and mineral source. You get a full spectrum of minerals and sea plant nutrients working for you instead of a single element like most calcium sources. Studies currently underway with Algae show great promise in rapidly building bone density.

4. Wild crafted citrus pectin nutritionally assists by absorbing toxic debris and stabilizes digestive processes. Supplemental pectin may reduce the energy demands of digestion, particularly reducing ammonia and urea production, which allows the growth of beneficial bacteria that are proven to boost calcium and magnesium absorption. Bonus: Regular bowel movements.

5. Mineral cofactors from Microtrace, is a full spectrum all natural mineral blend. This mineral deposit, which is totally unique in its makeup, is marine sedimentary in nature.

6. Organic Humic and Fulvic Acids, supercharged antioxidants free radical scavengers which also assist in removing toxicity, reducing digestive irritation and boosting the availability of a broad range of nutrients.

7. Vitamin Cofactors including C, K2 and D. These essential vitamins play important roles in nutrient absorption, bone and collagen strength. For example, Vitamin K2 has been clinically proven to provide extraordinary benefits for bone health and cardiovascular health, plus it is a powerful anti-oxidant and some emerging science indicates it might help your joints and intestinal health.

8. Aulterra is a homeopathically activated combination of natural paramagnetic and diamagnetic minerals which produce a significant enhancement when combined with nutraceuticals. Used in small amounts in MineralMatrix8 to boost potency. 180 capsules; 30 day supply. 6 capsules supply 430 mg of calcium and 245 mg of magnesium.

By the way, when your doctor tells you to take 1500 mg of calcium daily, he or she is suggesting calcium supplements that may have, at best, about 30% absorption in the stomach. Only about 450 mg may actually get absorbed.

Not only is the calcium in MineralMatrix8 better absorbed by far, it is much better utilized in the cells. So a smaller amount will produce better results - especially when it has adequate magnesium.

When you add on the OCMP magnesium to the magnesium in MineralMatrix8, the stage 2 protocol supplies more magnesium than calcium. If you choose to add on more calcium, or if you increase your dairy intake substantially, which is okay to do, be sure and add on some additional magnesium to match the increase in calcium.


Limits to the accuracy of bone density tests.

Dr. Frank Shallenberger, a well known alternative MD, makes the point that comparing bone density tests is many times inaccurate because they tests must be taken at exactly the same spot on the same bone. He writes, “The technician must aim the X-ray at the exact same spot on the same bone. If you’re just one-sixteenth of an inch off, you can get different results even if your overall bone health hasn’t changed.

I see this all the time when I look at prior bone density tests of my new patients. The tests show that the density went up in four different places — but also went down in four different places.”


The Bone Density Combos to use - in addition to Alka Super C - the most fundamental supplement to use...

Our recommended supplier has put the most important suggestions for increasing bone density, those supplements and elixirs discussed above, in several combos so that substantial discounts can be given.

Unless you have already been on a high dose magnesium, lower dose calcium regime, we recommend starting with the Bone Density Combo Stage 1 for 4 full months. (An extra month may be needed if you have arthritis or calcification in the arteries or joints, and wish to eliminate this. We do get feedback that this does work!)

Choose either the Basic Combo which covers the three fundamental issues that cause most osteoporosis, or get the Full Combo for the fastest results. Continue using the Bone Density Combo Stage 2 for the remainder of the time till your bones are back in the normal range on the bone density tests.

NO significant amounts of added calcium from supplements or foods like calcium enriched orange juice or soy milk, should be used, and limit dairy to 1 serving a day at the most while you are on stage 1.

Finally, Vitamin D3 Plus and Vitamin K Emulsified are also important to use. These are not monthly purchases since a bottle may last you six months, so they are not part of the combos and must be purchased separately.

Bone Density Combo Stage 1 Female or Male

Basic (quantities are for a one month’s supply)

2 bottles OCMP

1 bottle FemBalance for females or 1 Testogen for males.

1 bottle Tyovu

The Stage 1 Full Combo includes the Basic Combo, above, plus:

2 bottles CSE

2 bottles Regenerative Elixir

1 bottle Custom Elixir SIBD

1 bottle YouthVital!

After 4 months of taking Stage 1, switch to using the Bone Density Combo Stage 2, which substitutes 1 MineralMatrix8 for 1 OCMP. Everything else stays the same.


Bone Density Combo Stage 2 Female or Male


1 bottles Mineral Matrix8

1 bottle OCMP

1 bottle FemBalance for females or 1 Testogen for males.

1 bottle Tyovu

The Stage 2 Full Combo includes the Basic Combo, above, plus:

2 bottles CSE

2 bottles Regenerative Elixir

1 bottle Custom Elixir SIBD

1 bottle YouthVital!


Add on the following 3 products separate from the combo.

Vitamin D Mulsion Forte - along with 1 bottle a month of Vitamin D Activator

Vitamin K Emulsified


The combination of supplements and elixirs covered in this report will enable you to both correct the fundamental causes of osteoporosis, and to speed up the repair process. Reversing osteoporosis can take years, though we have heard of a complete reversal in just a year. That is rare. You will be speeding up the process by using the full combos.


"About a year ago I was diagnosed with osteopina and I started religiously the reversal program suggested by you through high magnesium and later calcium along with other products. Three weeks ago I had a serious horse riding accident. The pain was acute and a multitude of x-rays tried to locate the problem. I spent a week in the hospital and two weeks on morphine. Nothing was broken and I attribute this blessing to being on the suggested regime of holistic products to build healthy and strong bones. I am 57 years old and you can use my name, Dawn Sigurdson, as a testimonial. Thank you."

How To Order These Osteoporosis Fighting Supplements

The online alternative health store where you can find all of the products listed above is

Many of them you can't find anywhere else as they are unique and cutting edge new. To get pricing on these supplements, or to buy them

Go to their online shopping cart here

Remember, each combo is a month’s supply.

For more information or to order by phone...

Call 1-800-832-9755 .

Call 001-616-719-1376 international

E-mail Customer Support if you have any questions or concerns - or if you want a personalized protocol.

Here's To Having Healthy Bones Again!


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