What Can Help ALD (Adrenoleukodystrophy)

Adrenoleukodystrophy, or ALD, is a genetically determined neurological disorder that affects 1 in every 17,900 boys worldwide. Symptoms occur somewhere between the ages of 4 and 10, and affect the brain with demyelination.

Demyelination is the stripping away of the fatty coating that keeps nerve pulses confined and maintains the integrity of nerve signals. This process inhibits the nerves ability to conduct properly, causing neurological deficits, including visual and auditory disturbances, impaired coordination, dementia and seizures. Demyelination is an inflammatory response and nerve cells throughout the brain are destroyed.

Symptoms are often mistaken for attention deficit disorder before serious neurological issues become obvious. The symptoms progress rapidly and lead to a vegetative state within two years and death anytime thereafter.

The culprit in ALD is overproduction of very long chain fatty acids that for some reason causes the destruction of the myelin sheath. With the following 3 suggestions, it may be possible to prevent further loss of myelin sheath, and possibly to repair it. Here is what you need to do. The quantities are for a 10 year old, more will be needed for older children, less for younger.

2 bottles a month P-A-L plus Digestive Enzymes   This needs to be taken on an empty stomach so that the enzymes get into the bloodstream. This would be 4 capsules twice a day. These enzymes supply high amounts of lipase which will digest the excess fatty acids in the bloodstream. Because ALD is a genetic disease, taking lipase enzymes this way will need to be used throughout the entire life to prevent a buildup of very long change fatty acids.

This next product does many things, but the main action needed here is stimulate repair and regeneration. It does a very good job of this. This dose is high in order to stimulate as much healing and repair of the myelin sheath as possible.

2 bottles a month Alka Super C     In this 16 ounce liquid, a very small amount of vitamin C is bonded to specially processed OH water molecules. This combination enables Alka Super C to release massive amounts of electrons into cells. This significantly boosts the health of cells, increasing their voltage. From early reports, it is great for stimulating repair and regeneration of organs and cells. The electrons zap pathogens and toxins, candida even candida spores. It will help repair the walls of the blood vessels, increasing arterial flexibility and reducing inflammation. Ordinary vitamin C supplements do not work in the same way that this does so the vitamin C supplement you may take does not substitute for this. Only the name is similar….

1 bottle a month Glymphatic Support Elixir     This elixir improves the effectiveness of the brain’s lymph system, the glymphatic system, to remove toxins and metabolites from the brain, and to carry nutrients to brain cells. It also optimizes cholesterol production in the brain. All cholesterol used in the brain is produced in the brain. Cholesterol levels in the brain is often low with neurological diseases. Increasing this production is vital for repair of the myelin sheath. The increased detoxing Glymphatic Support Elixir activates is needed to remove the digested fatty acid debris from the brain.

In addition, consume daily at least 2 tsp of MCT oil, a source of medium chain fatty acids needed by the myelin sheath. Coconut oil does not get into the brain, but research shows that MCT oil dose.

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Good Luck and Good Health!

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