Relief For Pneumonia & Bronchitis

It is becoming all to clear that drugs are limited in effectiveness when it comes to fighting pneumonia or bronchitis. Antibiotics are usually administered as the first line of defense. But when a virus is causing the pneumonia, antibiotics won't help you at all. In fact, they will kill off the good bacteria so important to your gut health.

To make matters worse, far too many bacteria are becoming drug resistant super bacteria that antibiotics just can't stop. So what can you do?

The medical profession can do very little other than hope that you or your loved one will get better. If someone has a strong immune system, they may. If they don't, they may spend a miserable, expensive time in the hospital.

Fortunately, there is a safe, effective and inexpensive natural product that will help you quickly obtain relief from pneumonia and bronchitis. It doesn't matter whether pneumonia or bronchitis is caused by mycoplasma, super bacteria or viruses. This works on virtually any pathogen. This is a specially processed liquid molecula silver formulation with a very small amount of hydrogen peroxide, called Respiratory Support.

Silver has been used for years to fight infections. This is because silver particles kill virtually every type of pathogen there is. Viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma, parasites, you name it. Any of the pathogens that are causing your pneumonia. Even viruses or a super-bug that has mutated so that antibiotics don’t kill it. Silver will and here's how.

Microorganisms depend on a specific enzyme to breathe. Silver particles disable these enzymes and as a result, the pathogens die. An ordinary antibiotic kills perhaps a half dozen different disease organisms; silver is known to kill more than 650 illness-causing microorganisms. Pathogens cannot develop a tolerance to it making it a remarkable product for helping in the fight against pneumonia and bronchitis.

You can take silver products internally but, the best way to knock out pneumonia or bronchitis fast is to breathe it into the lungs. That way the silver directly affects the germs causing the pneumonia or bronchitis that are residing in the lungs. Which is what Respiratory Support is designed to do.

It works very fast. It is not uncommon for bronchitis or pneumonia to clear up in a couple of days.

The best way to get the molecula silver into the lungs is to use a nebulizer (look online for one or try here: which is a small device that takes Respiratory Support and atomizes it or, turns it from a liquid into a vapor, so that you can breathe it into the lungs. Usually, you only need to use a teaspoon or less per session, about 3 times a day - 10 to 15 minutes each time.

Respiratory Support is so gentle on your lungs it can be used 5 or 6 times a day for the most severe cases.

So if it is so great, why isn’t my doctor telling me to use silver?

There are probably two reasons. First, generally the medical profession only recommends pharmaceutical drugs. These drugs are what they are educated about and are what they know. Most MD's are very skeptical of natural alternatives to medications.

Second, not all silver products are of good quality. In fact, a majority of them are not particularly effective. So even doctors who are open to recommending natural products may not recommend silver because they don’t know which types are effective and which aren’t.

Many alternative doctors who do know which types work best speak highly of silver’s pathogen fighting abilities.

Why we recommend Respiratory Support as the silver product to use.

The process for making the molecula silver that is used in Respiratory Support is a unique process that creates silver particles so fine they disperse through the body in a similar fashion to how a gas does. Getting into cells and killing pathogens with greater ability then ordinary colloidal or ionic silver products.

One of the worlds leading physicists, considered to be the father of electro-medicine today, Robert C. Beck, tested these three forms of silver for penetrability.

He found that all forms of colloidal and Ionic silver had a 5% to 6% effectiveness for penetrating certain membranes. When he tested Molecula Silver he was astonished to see 100% penetration!

Another major distinction between this molecula silver and all others is that due to its energetic and etheric nature, it doesn’t break down. Direct sunlight does not change it’s composition even after years of exposure.

Home colloidal silver makers produce, and most of the commercial colloidal and ionic silver products on the market are, inexpensive colloidal silver that is not effective for two reasons. First off, they are for the most part not actually colloidal particles. Rather, they are 80 or 90% ionic silver molecules with the remaining 10 or 20% being colloidal sized silver particles.

The drawback with ionic silver as a pathogen killer is that it combines with chloride in the body and forms a silver chloride salt molecule that is not an effective pathogen killer.

And of course, neither of them get inside cell membranes nearly as well as this molecula silver does.

That’s why it is used in Respiratory Support. Because it has twenty times more penetration into cell membranes than ordinary silver products do, it has silver in very small concentrations. This allows you to used Respiratory Support many times during a day when you need to get rid of a tough pneumonia or bronchial infections fast.

The Special Ingredient In Respiratory Support

What makes Respiratory Support even more effective for fighting pneumonia and bronchitis is its second ingredient, a very small amount of hydrogen peroxide. Don’t try this on your own. You must have only very small amounts so that it causes no harm.

This additional hydrogen peroxide does two things. The additional oxygen it releases in your lungs is anti-pathogenic, killing all types of pathogens plus, it puts a lot more oxygen into your lungs and thus in your body. This additional oxygen can make a difference in your energy levels and health. It is especially helpful for asthma.

Respiratory Support works fast. Usually in the first day or two. So one bottle supplying about 90 teaspoons will go a long way. For the best results, use a high quality nebulizer. It produces a finer vaporization that gets more into the lungs. Unfortunately nebulizer are becoming more difficult to acquire so you may need a prescription.Try looking online first or here:

Use one teaspoon to one tablespoon up to six times a day until you get relief. Then reduce the amount. A less expensive solution is to get a personal inhaler from a drugstore for a quarter the cost of the best nebulizer.

The Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler, Model V1200 is one such personal steam inhaler. Again it is a step down and will not work quite as effectively, but it will still produce results. The most effective solution to conquering bronchitis and pneumonia is to use a nebulizer or vaporizer because the pathogen killing power of the Respiratory Support will be concentrated directly in the lungs.

Testimonies From Satisfied Users

"Thanks so much!! This product has literally saved my husband's life!! He has COPD and two years ago he had pneumonia for 11 months and they couldn't get rid of it with ANY antibiotic they gave him! He came home with pneumonia and we feared the worst, then I came across your product doing research on pneumonia. I was looking for a natural remedy and thank goodness for your website! We ordered it and of course he was sceptical, but he tried it. Within THREE DAYS his pneumonia was gone!! We couldn't believe it!! We've used it for the last two years and without fail, whenever he gets a cold or flu, we start him on the nebulizer with the resp support immediately and he has yet to get pneumonia again!! We love love love Respiratory Support!!! I recommend it to people all the time!!"

Candy G.

"My mother and myself suffer from bronchitis every year. I have found this item to be of the best help for our seasonal problems. Seems like twice a year we have issues with spring and fall lung problems, after using this product it clears all problems with almost one treatment. Allergies effect our out breaks....but your product helps tremendosly."

James H.

“I am a tree climber and have "entertained" poison ivy many times. After using the usual drying lotions several times I've found they no longer worked as well. Every time after that I would go to the Dr. to get "prednisone". It worked wonderfully, but after four or five treatments in as little as three or four years my immune system was inevitably compromised. The last time I used "prednisone" was over two years ago. Last year (springtime), I developed sinusitis and thought maybe it was just allergies (pollen). Well, it never went away.

This winter I developed pneumonia and have been trying to battle it w/ not much progress. After three weeks and two different courses of antibiotics I am sicker now than when it began. I googled "pneumonia" and saw your add for molecular silver. Desperate, I ordered it on a Wed. It came Sat. morning, and I started treatments in the nebulizer. These treatments saved my life. I did the spit test and am pretty positive I have "Candida", and that this "overgrowth" was caused by using the prednisone. I'm not out of the woods yet. I still have a long way to go,but am sooo relieved to know there is help. A very close friend of mine died of "fungal pneumonia" approx. five years ago after being in the hospital for a month... Bless you all and thank you", Matt in Florida.

“I have been on antibiotics for over four years and told the doctor I didn't want anymore because I think my immune system is blown out. I have been going from chronic sinus infection to bronchitis, to the flu and pneumonia and over again. I coughed all night and couldn't sleep. My regular doctor prescribed some heavy narcotic type cough syrup that would put me out for a couple of hours at best. Now the good part.

"The respiratory support i bought really works thank you very much, I'm breathing comfortably now, its a relief to know that there are alternative medicines that really works. Thanks again."
Eugene G.

“The Silver arrived last Friday at 4:00 PM. I had purchased a $20 personal inhaler from Wal Mart and cranked it up with one tablespoon of Silver in the bottom. Friday night I slept all night without coughing. I didn't have wild nightmares all night like I usually have been having, because I think I was able to get into a deeper stage of sleep. I have been fighting infection for a long time.

What a relief. I feel better because I can now get a good night sleep. My wife first said, " it's snake oil", but now she is pretty well convinced this stuff is for real.... Later his nurse came around and said her son had a chronic cough, "Where did you get that stuff." I gave her your site address.”

"By Monday New years eve, and Tuesday new years day, I was in the throws of a serious head cold. Sinuses blocked, rudolf nose, coughing ,sneezing, sore throat, and all. Wednesday morning I did a 15 minute treatment of your respiratory support product. I have a nebulizer and have used this product in the past with success. I did another 15 minute treatment on Wednesday evening. By Thursday morning I was feeling about 30 % better.

I was still worried that this nasty cold would travel into my lungs (I was starting to cough more), and set off weeks of bronchitus and asthma problems. Thursday I did two more treatments of Res support. One in the morning and one in the evening. By Friday morning I was feeling 75% better. I did one more treatment Friday morning, and it is now Saturday, and Im feeling well. My head cold is almost gone and except for a few coughs here and there, I feel I am on my way to full recovery.

I have had some nasty long term upper respiratory problems beginning with colds. I am usually a very skeptical person, but I have used this product 3 times in two years, and it seems to me to really work. Maybe its mind over matter, maybe the respiratory problem was about to heal anyway, or maybe its the warm moist air going into the lungs that expidites the healing. Whatever the reason, I am so very glad for this product. I have tried to tell others but like me they are very skeptical. All I know is it seems to work for me. I dont see any side effects and the relief is remarkable. thanks for this. Hope you stay in business. I may need more."

“Thanks and the Silver seems to be working in only two days. I already feel better.

Thanks again,”
John C.

"I purchased respiratory support about a week ago. I love it!!! For the past 5 yrs., I cough every morning. A progressive cough. I had an x-ray, and they said it was just allergies. I took the expensive allergy medicines and it did not do anything. I was on your product for a couple of days and could tell the difference immediately. I am now hardly coughing at all. Itchy throat -gone! No mucus in the morning. I can't believe it!" Mishelle W.

"I ordered about a month ago - Respiratory Support from you. Thanks to you, this product may have saved my mother's life. She no longer has any sign of infection (gone, history right after six dosage. We still continue to use)."

Kartik S

"I had some good results with the Respiratory Support using a nebulizer. It cleared up my congestion in less than 3 weeks with at least 45 minutes of daily use."


"Gentlemen: Thank you for recently sending me an order of Respiratory Support. This product reduced my pneumonia symptoms by half after 24 hours of use and completely eliminated them after 3 days. Medical doctors either know nothing of this product, or they are purposely refusing to prescribe this simple cure to a life threatening medical condition so that they may make money through the sale of drugs.

In either case, the medical profession's refusal to acknowledge, test and recommend this product is deplorable.

Carl H

"Thank you for such a great product...It is amazing what it did for me THANK YOU and thanks for your great web site."

Sincerely Joanne

"Thank you for your product and your help! I am also looking forward to using your Defense product, sounds awesome!"


"Thank you for your reply. I started Wednesday evening and it is now Friday. I have done (7) 15-20 minute sessions, and I feel really great, 80% recovered. I sure appreciate your help on this.."


"It is Saturday 2/18/11 and the infection is completely, I mean completely gone! I feel so wonderful. Haven't felt this level of health in 6-8 months! Before RS I tried everything I could think of (besides anitbiotics) with temporary success. Your work is a blessing in my life! Millions of thanks,"


Respiratory Support may well be all you need to stop your pneumonia or bronchitis in its tracks... within hours or days. Remember to shop for a Nebulizer to use Respiratory Support properly.

Respiratory Support is not sold in drug stores or health food stores. Until now, it was only available through a few select doctors. But now, getting rid of stubborn pneumonia and bronchitis has never been easier thanks to my preferred supplier of Respiratory Support,

Two ways to get a 30-day supply of Respiratory Support from

Click the following link to purchase Respiratory Support online.

Click here to get Respiratory Support and stop bronchitis or pneumonia fast!

Or, call the home office of at 1-800-832-9755 to order from 8 AM to 6 PM Alaska time which is 12 noon to 10 PM, Eastern time Monday through Friday.

You will get the best Bronchitis and Pneumonia fighter there is.

Remember, you will need to purchase a nebulizer separately. You will most likely need a prescription to buy a nebulizer locally or from a nebulizer manufacturer. It is possible to use a personal vaporizer, they are not quite as effective as a nebulizer, but will do in a pinch.

Most people notice results very quickly, however for some tougher cases, or if you just want to hit it harder, you may want to add on these excellent products:


The four main ingredients in “DEFENSE” are Black Cumin, Muscadine Grape Seed, the Native American Sacred herb “Tsi-Ahga” and Allicin-Release Product (ARP) from garlic. Each one is demonstrated in scientific research to strengthen, support and modulate the Immune Response in different ways.

Garlic extracts have been used for thousands of years successfully to aid in a wide variety of conditions. The antimicrobial substance known as “Allicin” is produced when the Alliin and Allinase of the garlic are brought together as a result of damage to the bulb or by microbial invasion of the plant.

Allicin is the natural defense mechanism of the garlic plant that science has proven to be so effective as a defense for us as well. Some research-supported actions of Allicin are: reduces blood pressure, kills microscopic organisms, poisonous bacteria, parasites and fungal infections, aids in preventing neoplasm, reduces high blood cholesterol, removes heavy metals and other toxins, scavenges and removes free radicals, repairs immune system cells by providing high sulfur compounds, and increases blood circulation.

The chemistry of garlic is complex and even though Allicin was discovered in 1944, its volatility has resulted in very few supplements or garlic based products that contain any Allicin by the time they reach the consumer.

In the past year alone, supermarkets and mass merchandisers in the United States have sold more than 5 million units of garlic. This makes garlic the most popular herbal product in America, according to Information Resources, Inc., and yet none of those consumers are getting what they actually need (Allicin) from the garlic products they buy. The Allicin found in two capsules of “Defense” is equivalent to eating 45 whole bulbs of garlic!

Black Cumin has just as impressive scientific research that shows it stimulates the bone marrow to produce immune cells, increases interferon production, protects the body against viruses and inhibits infection. Black Cumin has also been proven effective against the development of cancer.

The Cancer Immuno-Biology Laboratory of South Carolina ran a series of experiments in which mice were infected with tumor cells. Two thirds of the animals treated with Black Cumin oil were still alive thirty days after being infected. In contrast, ALL of the mice that did not receive Black Cumin treatment died within thirty days.

I have heard that some researchers feel black cumin has proved to be more effective than other cancer fighting supplements.

Defense uses a patented process to turn the black cumin essential oil into a powder without losing any of the essential phytonutrients found in the oil. In its capsule form it is much easier to take than the oil. It is the highest quality cumin, organically grown in Egypt.

Tsi-Ahga is a Native American Sacramental Medicine derived from Conks that grow on certain cone-bearing trees. The 3-beta-D-glucans, which make up part of the cellular structure of these Conks cause a pan-systemic modulation of T-Cells, Macrophages and Neutrophil White Blood Cells, when ingested. In fact, it has been established that the number and viability of these particular cells is increased by as much as 4000% within 20 hours after taking Tsi-Ahga!

Macrophages and Neutrophils are the two cells upon which all other Immune Cells depend. You can have many viable B-Cells and T-Cells, but they will not be effective without the programming provided by these “Communicator” cells. Tsi-Ahga also contains bitter triterpene compounds that support the thymus and spleen (essential to insuring that immune cells are properly programmed), anti-tumor polysaccharides, blood pressure-reducing angiotensin re-uptake inhibitors, and perhaps the highest source of germanium in nature. Germanium is an oxygen catalyst and one of the most powerful free-radical scavengers found in nature.

Muscadine Grape Seed contains higher levels of antioxidants than blackberries, black raspberries, blueberries, cranberries, red raspberries, and strawberries. This finding was established in the early 1990s by Mississippi State University, as well as by the National Institutes of Health. Because it is so much higher in antioxidants, Muscadine Grape Seed protects and restores Immune Function resulting in a wide variety of protection throughout the body.

Use four capsules a day, 2 bottles a month.

Seasonal Rescue

Seasonal Rescue supports and enhances the ability of the liver, kidneys and lymph system to detoxify. More importantly, at the same time it boosts the immune system to fight infections, and any other situation where the immune system needs to kick in.

This very potent herbal formulation works best when you load up on it, taking 5 tablets five or six times a day, but even one bottle per month is useful.

Ingredients: Schizandra, Lavender Flower, Jamaican Dogwood, Lime Flower, Astragalus, Anise Seed, Suma, Cats Claw, Zinc Citrate, Caraway Seed, Myrrh, Cinnamon Bark, Nutmeg, Vitamin C, Echinacea, Golden Seal, Hyssop, Turmeric, Wasabi Japonica, and Cayenne. One bottle supplies 180 tablets.

Again, the online store that carries these products is

To order by phone, Call them directly at: 1-800-832-9755.

International orders 001-800-832-9755.


All products are backed by a 90 day Money Back Guarantee on unopened products (in resell-able condition) minus shipping cost.

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