My two sons living with Autism

by Rayette Colfax
(Wapato WA Yakima)

My name is Rayette a mother of four one daughter 18, three sons Raymond 9, Reignan 8, and my youngest Raaquin 6. I was working hard in the Casino Business about 17 to 18 hours a day 6 days a week, when my boys was in day care I used to go back there to visit on my breaks and watch them play and I started to notice they played different my son Raymond would not play with other kids and also he would be sitting in a corner all by himself and when Reignan was born he was quiet and would never look at me and always looking away from me...well I started asking their doctor what was going on and he said he had to look into running test and asked me if I would be interested in them I agreed and after the test he stated he said your boys have tested for Autism...I never heard of it and talk about question's I was asking was is there a cure? was this treatable? He gave me a packet and I read up on it and wow!!! I started taking more time off of work and my boss was not happy so in order to help my children I resigned and became a full time mom...I looked into Children's Village and they assigned a coordinator to assist me and help me understand what the Doctor's was going to be doing.I started physical therapy, and speech therapy and a dietary, a lot of time doing paper now the children have been in Epic and doing good and I love to see the wonder in the eyes of learning something new and now I'm going to college for Special Education. My children are my teachers and my love and they smile and love so much I'm blessed and would never have it any other way. NIYE!

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