My brother suffers from autism

My name is Leighton Marc Donnelly. I am 25 years of age and I have a young brother who suffers from autism. He is a well, polite and loving young child. He loves his school and is having fun with his mates but due to his condition he lacks the support that he needs.
We have been to numerous doctors and sought help for him but have had no joy. I am having a lot of conflicted interest in the well being of my brother from social services due to my brother being in a school that does not have the facilities or the experience to look after my brothers needs. He has had sum accidents in school as young children do. Like normal children he has got a wild imagination and can get carried away some times due to his condition he thrives on injuring him self to seek attention. I am seeking help and advice from people all over who can help me get the support and the experience to give my brother a better life.

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