my apsergers II

by christopher clark

Hey its me Chris, the same person who wrote the story my aspergers. I notice that enjoying my days works but when I talk to people I get overexcited and can't control it. People probably think I'm wierd for this and I don't blame them. however about you products like fulvitea and custom elixir a, my mom won't buy them for me because we live in illinois and your products are all the way in the united kingdom but it would be easier if these products were in the U.S. as well. Also I think there is a more natural way to reverse aspergers: mediatation which helps your body and brain work naturally and lowers stress(which constantly disrupts our natural body and brain flow). If meditaing alleviates the symptoms of attention deficit disorder, then I can definitely alleviate asperger symptoms. so consider this and reply me back as soon as possible.

I think you are right on the mark when it comes to practicing meditation. Stress causes so many ills, so quietly!
Actually, our company is in Alaska so, shipping to Illinois would be no problem.
Take care

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