by Francesco
(Hot Springs, AR)

I served in Viet-Nam. I was infected with Agent Orange. About 5 years ago I started having prostate probem. In 2007 my PSA has accelerated from 2.3 in Feb. to 5.58 in July. A biopsy was performed, I was diognosted with cancer gleason 6. I was given several options. I decided to wait and see. I started collecting information about how to deal with this problem. I found that certain natural cures could help reduce the cancer. I took liquid zeolite, chlorella, RM-10 mushrooms extract, graviola, lots of tomatoes, tomato sauce, pomgranate, noni, and lots more antioxidants that stranghten my immune system. By the end of Nov. 2007, my PSA decelerated to 2.50. I am 76 years old.

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