Autism helped by Kangen Water

by Pat D
(Orange County, CA)

Over a year ago afriend brought us Kangen Water for our daughter after hearing it may help seizures. I read about it and Ionized water, alkaline water and "Reduced Water" as the Japanese call it. I read for months before allowing her to try it.

It is super hydrating due to having a much reduced molecular size. It is also alkaline and highly antioxidant, which neutralizes free radicals and mitochondrial dysfunction.

After finally letting our child drink the Alkaline water produced by the Enagic machine whose product has been around for years and is a recognized medical device in Japan, we noticed changes within a couple days. At first it was not the Epilepsy but more her Autism. She became much more alert and "with it". She also began to start talking more and more coherently.

She never use to drink much and constipation was an issue. Noises, smells, hair brushing, teeth brushing etc were also problematic. She wqould never let us hold her. Over a 2 month period we had charted approx a 40% drop in Seizures and she was alive, communicating like never before and today we can hug her and even get hugs and kisses back!

The Kangen Water works to properly hydrate and detoxify the body, especially the colon and intestines. The smaller molecular size allows the water to more readily penetrate the interstitial cell barrier promoting healthy mitochondria and aiding cellular detoxification, important from the brain.

I could go on & on as I have now comitted countless hours researching the link between Autism and Antioxidants, hydration, and Alkaline - Acid Imbalances and will share more info if interested; email me at

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